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State helps connect people to new jobs

While the state saw overall employment growth, certain sectors saw larger increases.

2-a-Days: Diller-Odell

A preview of the Diller-Odell football team ahead of the 2017 season

Railcats vs Saltdogs Highlights

Highlights from Monday's Saltdogs vs Railcats game

KOLN Monday Evening Weather

A cold front will bring the chance for showers and 'storms to the region Monday night...followed by a stretch of pleasant weather Tuesday-Wednesday.

Helicopter scene video: Eclipse watcher in Kentucky dies after being hit by car

One woman is dead and another is injured after they were hit by a car while watching the eclipse. It happened in Leslie County, Kentucky.

WOW! Total solar eclipse as seen in Beatrice

The crowd at Homestead National Monument in Beatrice erupted in applause and cheers as they experienced solar eclipse totality.

Totality in Alliance, Nebraska

Mary Roberts was live during totality of the solar eclipse in Alliance, Nebraska.



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