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The Ice Box is living up to its name

After 21 years, the HVAC system at the Ice Box broke down on January 6th. Now, everyone is trying to stay warm until the new system arrives in 10 to 12 days.

Bronze sculpture display in Bartlett

In this story, we show you a remarkable permanent outdoor display of 15 bronze sculptures in the community of Bartlett.

Learning More About the Freeman School

The Freeman School stands as a reminder of how important education was to pioneers who settled Nebraska.

The Dept. of Corrections responds to four bills

For years, our state lawmakers have been working to improve the state's corrections system from prison overcrowding to early release. This morning, the Department of Corrections is responding to four bills in front of the judiciary committee.

Update today on Nebraska's mountain lion population

The Game and Parks Commission will give an update today on the state's mountain lion population in Nebraska. The largest population is in the Pine Ridge.

Wartburg vs. Nebraska Wesleyan

Highlights from the men's women's doubleheader between Nebraska Wesleyan and Wartburg



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