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Fort Cody Folk Art

You can find a fascinating folk art display at the Fort Cody gift shop in North Platte.

Helping to spread to word about our trails

The Lower Platte South NRD is asking for your help to spread the word about trails and lakes in and around Lincoln.

New Fountain at Mopac East Trail

A new fountain along the Mopac East Trail is helping people and pets who use the trail.

Saving the Antelope Valley Church

Seven miles northeast of Oshkosh, you'll find the Antelope Valley church and cemetery. The people of the area are on a mission to save and restore the church that was originally built in 1916. The first person buried in the cemetery was in 1897.

Crime Stoppers on First News Nebraska

Lincoln Police Officer Matt Stegman joined First News Nebraska to show pictures of crimes in progress hoping you'll recognize the suspects.



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