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Coach Mike Riley's reaction to the firing of AD Shawn Eichorst

Coach Riley "flat-out saddened" when Green and Bounds told him they were firing AD Eichorst.

Lance's Journal: Carving at 95, Sept. 22, 2017

Gene Gustafson learned how to carve at 74...he's now 95 and going strong.

KOLN Friday Evening Forecast

Hot for a couple more days, then fall shows up.

Tech startup helps local companies

CompanyCam hopes to help with free subscriptions for local companies until October 31.

Everett Elementary Students visit with sailors

Sailors from the USS Nebraska talked about what they do on their submarine.

Sailors visit Everett Elementary School

6 sailors explain to students what it's like working on a submarine.

Pottawattamie Sheriff Deputy Crusier Cam Video: Eric Scott's arrest

Authorities have released video of Eric Scott's arrest. Scott, 37, overpowered a deputy Wednesday near Ithaca, Nebraska and drove off in the deputy's car.



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