Omaha mother preaches love over hate

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 9:22 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - An Omaha woman is seeking an apology and hopes to spread her message of love over hate, after her 9-year-old daughter was called racial slurs by girls her own age.

Omaha mother Nakeya Wraggs says she's speechless after hateful videos were sent to her 9-year-old daughter from girls Wraggs thought were her daughter's friends.

The hardest thing she's dealing with is processing what's happened. Wraggs says it's hard for her to understand how kids at such a young age were able to come up with the hateful words said in the video. In the video, you can hear young voices calling her daughter Zyneah the N-word and other derogatory names.

Despite being deeply hurt, Wraggs says she hopes her daughter can walk away from this, learning a valuable lesson and says, "This is not something that you react with, with hate. You have to forgive them for what they did, or it'll sit on her heart and bother her."

The mother of one of the girls in the video claims she's unsure of where her daughter could have learned the racist language, saying it may have been from watching different things on TV. That same mother also claims Wraggs' daughter bullied her daughter, causing her to make the video.

Wraggs says she hopes all of the girls in the video will learn from what they did and change their actions in the future, "They have to search deep within their heart. They have to want to listen to what we have to say, to where we're coming from. It starts with conversation."

Not that it will take away the pain, but Wraggs hopes the parents and their daughters decide to apologize to not only her but to her daughter Zyneah as well.

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