Delays in construction near 70th and A Streets

Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 11:05 PM CDT
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If you're familiar with the area of 70th and A Streets, you know there has been a lot of construction going on for a while.

But recently 10/11 NOW heard from viewers asking why there wasn't any progress.

One lane blocked off, piles of dirt with weeds growing in them and no construction equipment, have been some of the sights off of 70th and A Streets for a while now.

“What’s taking so long? I haven’t seen much going on as far as action, as far as workers out here, it’s frustrating,” said Grata Bar & Lounge general manager, Matt Eskra.

Eskra tells 10/11 NOW, the construction has also had an impact on business.

“People totally avoid coming to these directions.. so I know these businesses and I’m sure other places are feeling the same effects,” said Eskra.

And it’s not just a problem for Eskra. The city’s latest traffic counts show nearly 30,000 people a day use the stretch of 70th street.

A representative for the city tells 10/11 NOW that they haven't been able to do anything for weeks because of something they found during construction.

The city says it's now up to Windstream to move its cables that they found are in the way of construction.

In a statement to 10/11 NOW, Windstream says they have faced delays and have identified the source of the delay and are doing what they can to speed up the process.

Michael Gutschenritter lives in the area and like many others, 10/11 NOW spoke with, just wants to see things pick back up.

“If there is a delay and someone can correct that, they need to get on that. It needs to be corrected as soon because this shouldn’t stay like this for any period of time,” said Gutschenritter.

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