Gameroom keeps busy during pandemic

Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 9:16 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -Since March, businesses all over the state have struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic. Many unable to survive. But that is not the case for all of them.

Here locally, one business says they’re busier than ever.

For 13 years, Gameroom has been selling games, consoles, and making repairs. But the last few months have been unlike anything owner Chris Thompson has seen.

“We beat Christmas, and we did so on a stock that, you know Christmas wipes out our good stuff,” said Thompson.

In March, Thompson was getting ready to launch a new inventory system when coronavirus hit, and people flocked to his stores in Lincoln & Omaha.

“We were running out of things we never expected to run out of, we got inundated with repairs because everybody was bringing in their stuff, they couldn’t get it new so they had to fix the old stuff,” said Thompson.

One of the popular items was the Nintendo Wii. They had 200 in stock and they went fast.

He says the problem for a lot of gaming stores hasn't been customers it's been getting product and keeping up with repairs. He says right now, they're fixing 40 consoles a week.

“They’re $200-300 dollar consoles that break and we turn them over in 7-10 days now, before coronavirus, we were turning them over in 1-3 days,” said Thompson.

Thompson says even though the initial rush has slowed down a bit they're still busier than ever and he says they've kept new customers who found them during the pandemic.

“We’re still on a daily basis selling out of at least one random console I would have never guessed, within two or three days it is restocked, then something else sells out. It’s kind of a game of whack-a-mole to keep our stock full,” said Thompson.

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