Enjoying the sights of Daylily Drive

Published: Jul. 20, 2020 at 10:36 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Just west of Plymouth on Highway 4, you will find plenty of corn and beans. But, you will also discover a huge display of daylilies, too.

The display is called “Daylily Drive”, and it’s the work of Nancy Heidemann. Along with the corn and soybeans her family produces, she also produces daylilies. “This is a hobby that went awry,” Heidemann said. “Over 20 years, this is kind of what happened,” she joked.

Daylily Drive now has a website, which means this hobby has turned into a bit of a small business. “My daughter moved back so she is helping with that, but basically it’s just kind of something we do for fun. We sell a few, and enjoy meeting people along the way,” Heidemann said.

The flower display features more than 500 varieties. Heidemann says she got interested in daylilies, thanks to a neighbor. “He divided some daylilies and shared them with me, and I planted them. They were so hearty, colorful, and easy to grow, that I got caught up in it,” Heidemann said.

Heidemann says she’s usually out weeding every day. “I say I have my summer life and my winter life. In the summer, I’m out here hoeing and pulling weeds, and in the winter, I hibernate like a bear,” Heidemann said. “People are welcome to come by. We have a lot of people go up and down the lane. That’s kind of why we call it ‘Daylily Drive', because people go up and make a circle. Some stop, and some just go on out.”

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