LPS on 50/50 reopening, the future of extra curricular activities and how parents can reach out

Cafeterias won't look anything like this in Fall 2020.
Cafeterias won't look anything like this in Fall 2020.(Station)
Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 6:04 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Lincoln Public School’s high school students will be in the classrooms this fall, but not all of them at one time.

With the COVID-19 risk dial moving into the middle orange, the district is going to 50 percent capacity for high schools.

High Schools 50% Capacity Plan
High Schools 50% Capacity Plan(LPS)

Depending on a student’s last name they can spend up to three days in the classroom per week.

“When the students are at home, they will continue to receive instruction by zooming into their classroom,” said Matt Larson, the associate superintendent for instruction with LPS.

LPS says remote learning will look different than it did this spring.

"If your second period class starts at 9 a.m., you will be expected to zoom in at 9 a.m," said Larson. "Attendance will be taken."

Every student K-12 has a Chromebook, and the school will help with internet access.

"We know we have to work to make sure students stay engaged when they are at home zooming in," said Larson. "Make sure they have an opportunity to participate in instruction."

Now the district is working with principals to help make the shift.

"Next week, principals will be working with their staff members to help them get prepared for this shift in the plan. And a communication will come out from each high school to parents this Friday," said Larson

Teachers head back next Wednesday, students come back a week after that. The regulations only apply to high schools.

The district said it’s not clear how extra curricular activities will work. They are still working on making that decision.

"With respect to athletics, we certainly have to work within the framework of the NSAA as we make decisions on how we proceed."

For the district, the virus remains the biggest challenge.

"The big challenge here is the unknown. We don't control the virus, the virus dictates how we'll have to respond and adapt our plan."

LPS high school students still have the option to choose to go 100 percent remote learning until the end of Friday. Elementary school students have to go 100 percent in class or 100 percent online.

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