City of Lincoln allows Madsen’s to reopen

Madsen's Bowling and Billards
Madsen's Bowling and Billards(Abbie Petersen)
Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 12:45 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - On Tuesday, Madsen’s Bowling & Billards reopened to the public after being closed for three days. Management put up a new sign outside the doors telling people to follow the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department’s mandate. It also said for those who can’t wear a mask, Madsen’s will respect your privacy.

At the opening, about 10-20 people showed up with nearly all of them not wearing masks. LPD was not on the scene at the opening.

Around 1 p.m. Monday, The City of Lincoln said Madsen’s has submitted a plan for operations “that complies with the Directed Health Measure issued by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.” The plan has been approved by the Health Director, and the business has been allowed to reopen.

The agreement, signed by General Manager Ben Madsen, outlines general safety measures:

All lines at patron counters will have marked spots on floors six feet apart to guide patrons to keep a distance from other groups.

All staff and patrons will be asked to wear face coverings unless they have one of the exceptions contained in the LLCHD DHM.

Madsen’s and EJ’s will not display any signage that offers information contrary to the state or local DHM’s.

Groups/parties will be limited to eight people or less.

Hand sanitizer and/or handwashing facilities will be made available to all staff and patrons.

Staff will disinfect ‘touchpoints’ at regular intervals.

Signage already in place that reminds staff and patrons of COVID-19 precautions will continue to be utilized.

Staff will provide reminders to patrons, as needed, to follow the safety measures required under any state or local DHM.

Staff will be told not to come to work if they are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Madsen’s and EJ’s will follow state and/or local DHM occupancy requirements.

For food and beverage measures:

Madsen’s and EJ’s will continue to follow Lincoln’s food codes and any state or local DHM requirements applicable to food or beverage service.

Madsen’s and EJ’s will adjust dining and lounge areas to provide at least six feet of physical separations between tables.

Bar searing will allow patrons to maintain six feet of physical separation between others, or between groups.

Tables and booths will be utilized in a manner that allows for parties of eight patrons or less, with six feet of physical separation between parties or groups.

Solid barriers may be utilized in place of six feet of physical separation.

Bowling area measures include:

Madsen’s will continue to use every-other bowling lane to maintain social distancing measures.

Parties will be limited to a maximum of eight patrons pert lane.

Upon completion of their games, patrons will be directed to leave their shoes and balls at their lane to allow staff to disinfect the equipment before placing it back in service for the next patrons to use.

In between groups, all touch surfaces such as ball returns, control panels, furniture, and equipment will be disinfected.

Billiards area measures include:

Madsen’s will continue to operate billiards tables in a manner that ensures at east six feet physical separation between games.

Madsen’s will limit parties or groups to no more than eight patrons per table and will continue to encourage those patrons to maintain distance between themselves.

All cue sticks, pool balls, etc. will be stored at the guest counter and checked out/in to guests to make sure that all items can be disinfected between uses.

Billiard tables will be disinfected between uses.

This is a developing story and we will continue to bring you updated information.

Madsen's reopens Tuesday.
Madsen's reopens Tuesday.(Jared Austin)

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