Teachers, parents protest start of school year

Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 10:19 PM CDT
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On Tuesday night, LPS board members heard public comment for more than four hours.

Parents and teachers pleaded for the board to change its mind.

It comes as students head back to classes on Wednesday morning.

About an hour before the board meeting started, protesters lined up outside of the LPS District Office, some calling for school to be canceled, others asking for all remote learning.

“I’m really disappointed with the way Steve Joel and the school board handled reopening schools. I think they could have revealed the plan earlier so we could see it is not a safe plan,” said substitute teacher Angela Barber.

“They need to close until we are in the green, period,” said LPS teacher Juju Tyner.

Inside, the board heard from teachers.

Elementary and middle school students will be in a class like normal, Lincoln high schools will open at 50% capacity.

Many pointed out Omaha's decision to go all remote.

“What I’m hoping for won’t happen, it’s following what Omaha did, all remote learning until we are in the green to help control the spread,” said Tyner.

Lincoln has never been in the green, the COVID-19 risk dial on Tuesday night remained in the orange.

LPS Superintendent Dr. Steve Joel said there will be positive cases but they have plans in place.

“There was a lot of interest of Lincoln to do the exact same.. as we know, we’re in a different place as a city than Omaha is,” said Dr. Joel.

Dr. Joel says in school they will be doing everything they can, and have a 0 tolerance for masks.

At the end of the week, he says they will make adjustments if needed.

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