Remote learners increasing throughout Lincoln Public Schools

Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 7:05 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Hybrid classrooms are now the new norm in LPS schools, but remote learning is becoming more popular with LPS families. LPS has 8,867 students learning remotely; up from the 6,771 students who started the school year remotely. Belmont Elementary also saw an increase of 59 students going remote in a matter of weeks. The school’s principal said around 29% are remote.

Teachers at Belmont Elementary said they’ve had to adjust things within their lesson plans to accommodate hybrid classrooms. First-grade teacher Hailey Greene said it’s been hectic making plans for this type of learning.

“Making sure I’m always in front of my Zoom camera,” Greene said. “If not, I peek my head in and I talk to them.” According to Greene, she has 23 students in her class with seven of them being remote. Although preparing for hybrid classes has some challenges, Greene said her students have been very helpful.

“My students have been amazing,” Greene said. “They’ve helped me along the way when I have difficulties and my students who are in person are super patient with me.” Teachers can connect with students at home using a microphone that’s connected to Zoom. This allows students to hear their teachers in class along with their classmates. Third-grade teacher Samantha Baker said her classroom plans change every day with the new system.

“I didn’t realize how much it would change until we got into it,” Baker said. “It was hard to plan for because we didn’t have anything to go off of.” Teachers say one of the biggest things they try to do is get creative with how they interact with students over Zoom. Baker said some students still have issues accessing their Chromebooks at a young age but have gotten great feedback from parents.

“I’ve heard from parents that they feel like it’s going well and that they’re student hasn’t had too many questions,” Baker said. The biggest thing teachers want to accomplish this year is keeping students engage in the class.

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