Lincoln man’s passionate ‘boneless chicken wing’ plea at city council meeting gets national attention

10/11 NOW at 6
Published: Sep. 2, 2020 at 4:26 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Video from a Lincoln City Council meeting has gone viral, after a man proposed changing the name of boneless chicken wings. Ander Christensen of Lincoln prefers them to be called ’buffalo style chicken tenders’ or ’saucy nugs’, saying the meat in the so-called boneless wings doesn’t come from an actual wing.

Ander said he’s been planning to bring this to city council for weeks. After hearing several discussions related to COVID-19, he wanted to bring up a light-hearted issue to make people laugh. But it’s also one he’s very passionate about.

Ander Christensen lighted up a Lincoln City Council meeting with a campaign to change the name of boneless chicken wings.

“Boneless chicken wings? Unless you’re going to strap those things to the side of a jet you cannot call them a wing,” Ander said. “They’re a chicken tender with sauce. Saucy nugs at best.”

Ander is the son of Lincoln City Council member Roy Christensen.

“I knew whatever he was going to say was going to be interesting to say the least,” Roy said. “The thing I like most about it is he did the whole thing with a straight face.”

Public figures from across the country have been tweeting the video in favor of his movement. But some big wing businesses are going against it.

“I am not in the pocket of big chicken,” Ander said. “Some have actively put out wanted signs for me for saying slander. They say ‘nugs’ is not a part of what’s in their chicken tenders.”

Ander is not stopping with local officials. He wants to take his movement nationwide.

“I am going to start a committee to check the prospects of running for president because we need a candidate that’s bipartisan that people can get behind and know that he’s the man to solve the issues,” Ander said.

As of now, Ander remains pretty saucy since the city council hasn’t responded yet. He plans to push his presidential candidacy by creating t-shirts that say #saucynugsforpresident.

Ander said he’s not against other people eating boneless wings, but if you do, you’ve got to use bleu cheese sauce.

“If you dip it in ranch, it’s like bedazzling Indiana Jones’ hat. It might look interesting, but it certainly doesn’t belong,” Ander said.

Video of Ander Christensen asking the Lincoln City Council to stop calling them 'boneless...
Video of Ander Christensen asking the Lincoln City Council to stop calling them 'boneless chicken wings' has received national attention.(10/11 NOW)

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