Lincoln church prepares to reopen after six months

Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 9:19 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Select restaurants, schools and sporting events have started back up again since during the pandemic. However, some places like churches have been slowly reopening.

Sheridan Lutheran Church hasn’t hosted an in person service since mid-March, but come October 4th that’s going to change.

“It’s been odd in a lot of ways, but our congregation has been very patient and very supportive," said Senior Pastor Greg Bouvier.

Pastor Greg Bouvier hasn’t worshipped in front of a crowd in six months, but he said they’re taking every precaution to open safety.

“We’re really sensitive to what it means to be a church worshipping community in a pandemic," said Pastor Bouvier.

This means they’re requiring masks, having hand sanitizer stations, won’t have coffee and food gatherings and will spread people out in the pews.

“I’ve done a lot of surveying of local congregations and the local rate of worship in other congregations is between 15-30 percent," said Pastor Bouvier. “That would be about 300 which is far less than the capacity of our room.”

Sheridan Lutheran hosted a spaghetti feed fundraiser Thursday night. It was put on by the Lincoln Police Union to support late Investigator Mario Herrera’s family.

“An event like this brings people together, unifies our community," said Pastor Bouvier.

During the pandemic the church remodeled its altar, pews and carpet. They’ll have three morning services that will also be streamed online.

“We really do believe that we’ll be able to open in a way that’s bring fellowship and is also really safe for people," said Pastor Bouvier.

If anyone is uncertain about attending an in person service, the pastor recommends watching their stream online.

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