Doane University President announces recommendation to cut numerous programs

Published: Oct. 5, 2020 at 4:59 PM CDT
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CRETE, Neb. – Doane University announced Monday a recommendation from its president to cut a number of academic programs as the pandemic continues to put a strain on universities.

According to a statement from a spokesman, faculty, staff, and students received recommendations from the President of the University to “stop providing these programs.”

Those programs include:

  • Minor in Asian Studies (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Minor in Computational Science/Computational Thinking (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Major in Criminal Justice (College of Professional Studies)
  • Major in English as a Second Language (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Major in Film and Media Production (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Minor in Gender studies (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Major and minor in German (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Secondary Endorsement in German (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Major in Graphic Arts and Print Design (College of Professional Studies, Lincoln campus)
  • Major in Health & Society (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • The Doane Honors program
  • Major in International Studies (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Major in Law, Politics, and Society (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Major and minor in Philosophy (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Major and minor in Political Science (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Major and minor in Religious Studies (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Master of Arts in Counseling program (College of Professional Studies)

“Recommendations to stop providing these programs come only after a thorough review of nearly 100 program reports completed by faculty, placed into quintiles by task forces, and assessed by a review panel,” the statement said.

The spokesperson said the proposed cuts come after the university continues to face financial challenges caused by the pandemic and a growing budget deficit.

Faculty Council has until the end of the month to provide feedback on the recommendations, and in November, the Board of Trustees will vote on all academic and administrative recommendations.

'When final decisions are announced, we will begin working very closely to minimize any potential disruption for students, faculty, and staff. These are difficult choices, but we are committed to making sure this process results in a strong Doane University that will be serving students in this region for many years to come."

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