Fortenberry, Bolz talk COVID-19 response and policing

Published: Oct. 21, 2020 at 8:10 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Wednesday marks 14 days until Election Day and Nebraska’s First Congressional District seat is up for grabs. Current Rep. Jeff Fortenberry is running for his ninth consecutive term going up against Lincoln State Senator Kate Bolz. Fortenberry and Bolz said health care and the COVID-19 response are a few of their priorities.

Rep. Fortenberry said, “Congress coming together to pass another package that would allow for additional flexibility for small businesses. Perhaps another subsidy to individuals and families.”

“It should include things like supporting state unemployment insurance programs, providing additional grants," State Sen. Kate Bolz said. "Loans and flexibility for small businesses including the PPP program.”

Fortenberry said most people get health insurance from their business and expanding options for people combined with new coordinated care and health and wellness could decrease the cost of health care by at least 20 percent.

Bolz said health is important because if that suffers, the economy suffers. She said more focus needs to be put on health and safety along with people’s health care.

While both Bolz and Fortenberry agree a new round of stimulus is necessary, they also believe community-based policing is essential nationwide.

State Sen. Bolz said, “We should also invest in things like safety and security equipment for law enforcement and community based policing where we have the right officers in the right communities at the right times.”

“Many other places haven’t adopted this model," Rep. Fortenberry said. "Tieing federal funding for what are called cop grants to move it towards community-based policing would be important public policy change.”

Bolz said she’s accomplished things in the Nebraska Legislature related to policing by getting an anti-bias police training bill passed this session.

Fortenberry said he worked with policing policies in Lincoln while serving on Lincoln’s city council. He also said police officers should be in solidarity and friendship with the people they serve to prevent bad things from happening.

Bolz said if she is elected, she will put her focus on individual people and the communities in District 1.

Fortenberry said if re-elected, he plans to keep on leading Nebraska and rebuilding America.

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