Guns, police equipment reported stolen from Valley Police

Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 12:02 PM CDT
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Thieves hit the last place anyone would expect and that’s not the only shock from this crime. Police agencies are worried not just about the public but themselves.

Valley Police are low key about an ongoing investigation into a burglary at the department’s own cruiser garage.

Chief Brett Smith declined to comment, but 6 News obtained a copy of a sheriff’s report listing weapons, ammo, and equipment stolen.

Two AR-type rifles, a dozen magazines with various calibers, live ammo - including 40 rounds armor piercing, a taser along with a handheld radar unit, one rifle, and police equipment that had been on a shelf - the other in the chief’s cruiser trunk.

There are no signs of forced entry.

Here at the Valley Police garage, a city maintenance tech is changing the lock on the side door and other measures are going to be added to protect against another burglary.

A digital combination lock replaces a key doorknob, but a few miles away in Waterloo, police don’t stop there- using a gun safe to store weapons and ammo.

Chief Tim Donahue says his city garage has cameras and cruisers special gun locks.

If an officer must get out of the cruiser on a call that AR 15 is kept under lock and key like a handcuff.

The Waterloo chief says small-town departments back up each other and his officers often respond to calls in Valley.

Chief Tim Donahue, Waterloo Police said, “It would have been nice to know if they had some weapons were taken that may be in the wrong hands of somebody.”

Chief Donahue learned of the gun theft from the sheriff’s office which is alerting law enforcement agencies about the stolen Valley police guns and equipment.

“Something we definitely don’t want to have on the street in the hands of somebody that shouldn’t have it for one. So, the question is who has it where it’s at, what are they going to do with it,” said Donahue. Stealing police guns and equipment may have been a crime of opportunity. But how they got in leaves questions behind.

The Sheriff’s report states the burglary occurred sometime in a recent nine-day span. An exact date and time can’t be pinpointed because the officer whose equipment was stolen had been out on medical leave.

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