‘People miss their families’: Long term care facilities finding hope in COVID vaccines

Long term care facilities finding hope in COVID vaccines
Long term care facilities finding hope in COVID vaccines(Southlake Village)
Published: Dec. 30, 2020 at 6:09 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Lincoln city officials announced this week five of Lincoln’s long term care facilities have given out Covid-19 vaccines. Officials at one of them say 95% of their residents have already received the vaccine.

Southlake Village Care Center staff said many people staying there are excited about the vaccine as it could help reunite them with families they haven’t seen in person in over nine months.

“People miss their families,” Southlake Village Care Center administrator David Bergmann said.

Director of Nursing at Southlake Village Jacque McCall said, “They’re just lonely. it’s not their normal life.”

Nearly a year in length in isolation for their residents now has signs of hope as Southlake Village care center received Pfizer vaccines this week.

Bergmann said, “We’re just hopeful that we can get back to normal and bring some life back into this building.”

Residents and staff at long-term care facilities are a part of Lincoln’s first phase of vaccine distribution. So far, the city says 3900 Pfizer vaccines have come to Lincoln.

Health director Pat Lopez said, “Vaccinating the vulnerable residents and staff who care for them is a critical step in providing additional protection to those who are at most risk for illness and death to Covid-19.”

95% of residents and over 60% of staff have already been vaccinated at Southlake Village with some even showing why they’re getting the vaccine.

McCall said, “This whole thing has been called Project Hugs so it’s really about getting our residents vaccinated, getting our staff vaccinated so they can get back in seeing their families.”

People created signs after getting the vaccine to show why they got it. Many said they want to protect their loved ones, they believe in science and want to see their family again.

“I think mine said ‘our residents deserve to hug their families again’,” Bergmann said.

Southlake Village staff saying Covid vaccines in the building is one of the most exciting things their residents have seen in 2020. The next round of vaccines at Southlake Village will be in three weeks with the final one coming three weeks after that.

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