Lincoln family “hyper-aware of anything” after son with autism gets COVID-19

Lincoln family “hyper-aware of anything” after son with autism gets COVID-19
Lincoln family “hyper-aware of anything” after son with autism gets COVID-19(Cris Petersen)
Published: Jan. 3, 2021 at 10:32 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - In a matter of two days, both a mother and child with autism have tested positive for COVID-19 in Lincoln.

Lincoln mother Cris Petersen said, “I could be fine in a week or I could be in the ICU in a week. You don’t know.”

At this point, no one has any of the major symptoms of the virus but, her son, Max, has a rarer symptom. Petersen said his cheeks are very red and have little bumps inside the redness.

“So we tried to give him Tylenol last night and it was impossible. He just wouldn’t take it,” Petersen said.

One of the concerns for Cris right now is Max is unable to tell his parents how he’s feeling. Something new he’s doing is eating good sized meals more frequently than before.

His mom says this could be because of a lack of taste or texture.

Petersen said, “It does really make me wonder if he can’t smell or taste because he’s a little boy with a disability. He can’t communicate that to me.”

Something positive about the family getting covid when they did is it was during the holiday. Since max is on routines because of his condition, it won’t be irregular for him to be at home for the next two weeks because the holiday has changed his routine.

“We’re doing things to keep him a little more settled so he has our 100% undivided attention and we’re trying to keep him engaged in activities that will let him just rest,” Petersen said.

But, just as a precaution for the next few days they are bringing back his inhaler he hasn’t used in years.

“We have to be hyper-aware of anything that we might remotely think is risky and just be on the ready to take him to the er at any time,” Petersen said.

Cris said her family would likely be getting the COVID-19 vaccine once made available to the public.

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