Legal community helps replace belongings lost in fire

These are the contents of a moving truck that caught on fire last Wednesday. The family lost...
These are the contents of a moving truck that caught on fire last Wednesday. The family lost nearly everything.(Kelsey)
Published: Jan. 14, 2021 at 5:48 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A young family is piecing their lives back together after a moving truck caught fire on I-80.

“I got a call from my husband saying the van is on fire,” Kelsey said. “My heart just dropped and I kept thinking it couldn’t be true.”

Kelsey, her husband and their infant daughter moved from Grand Island to Lincoln last Wednesday, so Kelsey and her husband, both UNL grads, could take new jobs as lawyers in Lincoln.

“It felt like coming home,” Kelsey said.

But on I-80, between Henderson and York, a fire started under the cab of their moving van and tore through all of Kelsey’s belongings.

They lost all of their furniture, most of their clothes and nearly everything they own. Their entire lives were left smoking on the side of the interstate, pulled out by an excavator trying to get at the cause of the fire.

“It’s been so hard to see everything just laying on the ground damaged and destroyed,” Kelsey said. “I keep finding myself thinking about some random object and remember I don’t have it anymore.”

But within hours of losing everything, the Nebraska Bar Association sent out an email, calling for assistance for Kelsey’s family.

“They helped us get a lot of essentials, offered furniture, so many clothes have been dropped off at our house,” she said. “We’re just overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity.”

She said in many respects they’re lucky. They had brought priceless art, Kelsey’s wedding dress and the dress their daughter wore to her baptism to their new home already.

“We’re just so thankful it’s just stuff and it’s things that can be replaced and we’re all okay and the movers are all okay,” she said.

Kelsey also said this has shown her the kindness in the community.

“It’s been really tough,” she said. “But so many people have been there to support us and so many people have reached out to make sure we’re okay and that’s just amazing.”

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