’I’ll be first in line’: Public transit employees await COVID-19 vaccines

’I’ll be first in line’: Public transit employees await COVID-19 vaccines
’I’ll be first in line’: Public transit employees await COVID-19 vaccines(Jared Austin)
Published: Jan. 23, 2021 at 9:14 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Public transit employees are just one of several essential worker groups a part of phase 1B. LTU officials said their service is necessary as they provide transportation for 6,000 people daily.

“I’ll be the first in line with my sleeve rolled up,” said Startran bus operator Lynn Revis.

Revis has been a bus operator in lincoln for four years now and said she seems the same people on her bus every day.

Now she patiently waits to get a covid vaccine after testing positive for it in August.

Revis said, “The whole week I had a major, killer headache that I probably ate a bottle of 250 aspirin. I just kept eating them.”

She’s hoping she can avoid getting it a second time and believes the vaccine can do that.

Revis said she’s not going only getting the vaccine to protect herself.

“[I want to] protect my customers that ride with me every day. To protect my family,” Revis said.

According to LTU, of its 6,000 daily riders, most of them are a part of the vulnerable population.

LTU director Liz Elliot said, “People depend on our bus system and our bus operators for their basic daily needs whether its to get to doctor’s appointments, to get their groceries, to get their children to and from school.”

Elliot said social distancing is required on all Startran busses, but people are still in close quarters with each other.

“It’s crucial that our operators are able to get the vaccine as soon as they can to not only protect ourselves and our department but also the public,” Elliot said.

Protecting the public is something Lynn keeps as a priority.

“I’ll just keep taking all of the precautions I need to take and my passengers need to take to ride the bus safely,” Revis said.

State officials expect Phase 1B to take around 4 months as they plan to vaccinate 500,000 people.

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