’The best adjective for it is abysmal’: Lincoln neighbors describe residential street plowing

Published: Jan. 27, 2021 at 7:27 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - On Wednesday, some in Lincoln were still waiting for the city to clear off some of their residential roads. According to city officials, 70% of them are clean, including areas near 26th and Sumner St. But, early on in the day, neighbors struggled to get out of their neighborhoods after waiting over 30 hours for their streets to be plowed.

“Abysmal. The best adjective for it is abysmal,” said Lincoln neighbor Michael Steadman.

The sound of vehicles spinning tires in residential streets was far too common at 26th and Sumner Wednesday morning.

Steadman said, “there’s snow all the way to a street. All the way in this residential area and down to 22nd and that’s in just this area alone.”

From SUV’s to construction trucks, everyone was getting stuck. Neighbors said the roads were barely touched by city officials from Monday afternoon to Wednesday evening.

“This is a plan that has not been set forth very well by the city,” Lincoln neighbor Willa Foster-Jones said. “We are still unable to get into our street.”

Foster-Jones said she couldn’t leave her home knowing she’d get stuck in the road. City officials said, as of Wednesday evening, 70 percent of residential roads are complete.

“No way. Not in this area. It can’t be,” Steadman said.

Other areas were also impacted by little to no residential plowing in Lincoln including S. 33rd and T streets.

“Big gobs of snow in the intersection,” Lincoln neighbor Kenneth Hunkins said.

Hunkins said they’re plowing some streets in his area, but leaving others untreated.

“At least get one pass off of them,” Hunkins said. “It seems like they go over the same ones several times.”

People living near 26th and Sumner said they relied on their friendly neighbors to help them out of the snow Wednesday morning as they patiently waited for the city to plow their streets.

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