A closer look at Our Town Hampton

Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 12:31 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - During a visit to the Hamilton County village of Hampton, we discovered that people take great pride in their downtown business district and school system.

“I actually grew up here,” Hampton town board chairman James Parsley said. “We moved away, but came back about 12 years ago. We like the small town atmosphere. It’s easy to get to know everybody, and we have a good school system.”

The school used to have two separate buildings. There was a high school and an elementary school with a playground in between. But a successful bond issue allowed the school system to improve the facilities. The school expanded, a new gym was built, the two buildings were connected, and one entrance was made for both schools. Part of the renovation was to completely renovate the elementary school part of the complex. That’s just one of the positives happening around town. The downtown area is also seeing some businesses. “We’ve had two new ones open up,” Parsley said. “Cinnamon Heart opened, and offers interior design and home decor. Then there’s Boyd’s Tackle. It’s a bait and tackle shop that does some wholesale work. They sell to other bait and tackle shops. We’ve also got some interest in maybe opening up a restaurant in town again. We’ve been without one for a while, so we are hoping that will end up happening.” There are other familiar businesses on main street as well, including Danish Oak, which is known for the production of custom cabinets.

“We can’t keep enough housing available,” Parsley said. “Our clerk is constantly getting calls about whether we have rentals available.” It could be the attractive location of Hampton that makes it a popular place to live, or it’s just the good life you can find there. “It’s close to Aurora. It’s not a long drive to Lincoln. It’s not far from Grand Island. So, to me, it’s convenient. You can have access to larger cities, but you can live in a small community where you can sit on your porch and enjoy some quiet.”

The streets of Hampton are always clean. “We make sure to keep them clean on a regular basis,” Parsley said. “And in the spring and summer, you’ll see that people take pride in their yards.” Hampton is also proud of its fire department. “They have some great men and women who volunteer to work in there,” Parsley said. “They do an excellent job.”

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