“Telling the Untold” - William H. Richardson

Published: Feb. 9, 2021 at 8:57 AM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - From inventors to award winners and those who’ve made groundbreaking changes in society, Black Americans continue shaping this country.

For Black History Month, 10/11 NOW’s Kamri Sylve sheds light on achievements Black Americans have made, taking Black history beyond just one month, with our series “Telling the Untold.”

Some people like to think there are less crying babies in the world today, thanks to Black inventor William H. Richardson.

He was born January 5th, 1890 in Baltimore, Maryland, and in June of 1889, Richardson made a huge improvement to the baby carriage.

He decided to create a carriage, or what we call a stroller today, to be shaped more like a symmetrical basket, rather than a shell, as it was back then.

This new design made it easier for parents and nannies to move the carriage around 360 degrees, compared to only 90 degrees before.

The big part of Richardson’s change to the baby carriage is that it was now reversible, making it possible to have anyone pushing the baby face them instead of facing in the opposite direction.

Because of Richardson, baby carriages and strollers became more affordable, and in turn, gave middle class families the ability to buy them during the 1900s.

So, next time you’re taking baby out for a stroll in the park, it might be best to keep inventor William H. Richardson in mind.

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