LHS Spanish teacher makes a positive impact

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Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 5:44 PM CST|Updated: Feb. 25, 2021 at 8:33 AM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Learning a foreign language can be difficult. And then throw in a pandemic, and learning a language like Spanish remotely becomes even more challenging. But our Golden Apple winning teacher handled the challenge with con mucha energia!

Senora Amy Stetson has been teaching at Lincoln High School since 2008. Originally from Massachusetts, the Links are glad she chose to make Nebraska home. It’s her energy and positivity that has made a challenging pandemic year bearable, and even fun for junior Shayla Ath.

Ath has known Stetson since her freshman year. She said, “Whether it’s virtually or in person, I am thrilled to be around the positive energy that Ms. Stetson sparks.”

Ath said that it’s been difficult to find motivation, and even harder to go through each day. “I just think Stetson has helped me, and that’s how I’m surviving currently,” Ath added.

Mark Larson is the principal at Lincoln High. Larson said, “Her kids know that she cares about them. Not just about how much Spanish they’ve learned, but about who they are as people. And that comes through everyday in her interactions with them.”

And Senora Stetson also has a strong and fun bond with her LHS team of teachers. You’ll usually find them dressing up for Halloween.

Stetson talked about the crazy times in the department. “‘Whales’ likes to wear wacky Wednesday blazers. Ms. Wanamaker is more energy than anybody else I know on the planet. Mr. West works next door to me and he likes to “Ca-Ca” in the hallways occasionally, and we all hear it and “Ca-Ca” back, because why wouldn’t you. We have so much fun as a department. ‘Mapes’ is over there, he sings in the hallway.”

When asked what it means to win an award for teaching, Stetson said she was shaking. “I’ve been teaching for 13 years and I’m still shaking because I’m so honored by this. It just means a ton to me. I don’t even know what to say. Shayla is amazing, and I think that for me it’s always about kids.”

And during our interview, Stetson said her remote students were getting curious... “I know my Zoomers are probably sitting here right now asking what the heck is going on? Hey, there are four messages in the chat. They say ‘congrats’!”

Senora Stetson said that teachers wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for their students. And she’s extremely grateful for that.

“This year has been incredibly hard because we don’t get to know our kids as well,” said Stetson. “So being honored this way during this year, Shayla just made me cry. Thank you guys so much for doing this.”

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