86-year-old woman loses $3,000 in ‘Get out of Jail’ scam

Published: Mar. 9, 2021 at 10:41 AM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Investigators with the Lincoln Police Department are sending out a word of warning after an 86-year-old woman lost thousands of dollars in a phone scam.

On Monday, officers spoke with an 86-year-old Lincoln woman who explained that an unknown person contacted her by phone claiming to be an attorney for her son who was in jail as a result of a car accident.

According to police, the scammer told the woman she needed to wire $3,000 to an account, which she did.

LPD said the woman later spoke with her son who said that he was not in jail.

Anyone with information on this case can call (402) 441-6000 or Lincoln Crime Stoppers at (402) 475-3600.

Avoiding a scam

  • Don’t give out personal or financial information in response to a request you didn’t initiate or expect. Legitimate organizations won’t call, email, or text to ask for your personal information, like your Social Security, bank account, or credit card numbers.
  • If you get an email or text message from a company you do business with and you think it’s real, it’s still best not to click on any links. Instead, contact them using a website you know is trustworthy. Or look up their phone number. Don’t call a number they gave you or the number from your caller ID.
  • Resist the pressure to act immediately. Anyone who pressures you to pay or give them your personal information is a scammer.
  • Know how scammers tell you to pay. Never pay someone who insists you pay with a gift card or by using a money transfer service. And never deposit a check and send money back to someone.
  • Stop and talk to someone you trust, especially if you are asked for money to help a family member (e.g., a child in an accident, a relative in jail, a friend with a warrant).
  • Before you do anything else, tell someone whether that’s a friend, a family member, a neighbor, about what happened. Talking about it could help you realize it’s a scam.

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