Team Jack moving forward, fueled by Hoffman’s drive to cure cancer

Published: Mar. 15, 2021 at 5:20 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - It’s only been two weeks since Andy Hoffman died of brain cancer, but for those who were close with him, he feels very present.

“He’s a dynamic person, he was a dynamic person,” said Mark Burch, supporter and friend of Team Jack Foundation. “He still is because he’s still with all of us.”

Andy’s passion for funding research and curing pediatric brain cancer is still present too.

“It made us, kind of, more ruthless,” said Kylie Dockter, the Executive Director of the Team Jack Foundation. “We feel we need to continue to fight and get more people involved and make people understand why this disease is a priority.”

To date, the Team Jack Foundation raised $8.4 million, funded research across the country and created a project closer to home. And there’s no sign of Team Jack slowing down.

“Really our priority is the project here at UNMC Children’s Hospital with the creation of the Pediatric Brain Cancer Program,” said Dockter.

Beyond the money, the Hoffmans wove a tight-knit community of families going through the same things.

“Not only are they a support group, really, they are our best advocates,” said Dockter.

The foundation has even pulled in people who weren’t fighting cancer, like Mark Burch.

“What happened this year changed it all,” said Burch. “When Andy got sick in July, we felt like we had to do something more.”

Burch restored a Trans-Am from the ground up, that will be donated to the Team Jack Foundation and raffled off.

“We all know that we have to keep moving on. We have to push forward,” Burch said. “Knowing Andy, he’s still leading us regardless of whether he’s here or not.”

The Team Jack Foundation said the small donations mean just as much as the big ones. So if you’re interested in making a donation, buying a T-Shirt or Andy’s book, “Yards After Contact,” or entering the raffle, check out their website.

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