Lincoln City Council Primary Candidate: Maggie Mae Squires

Maggie Mae Squires
Maggie Mae Squires(Maggie Mae Squires)
Published: Mar. 22, 2021 at 3:11 PM CDT
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Twelve candidates, including three incumbents, are running for the three Lincoln City Council at-large seats. Voters will cast a ballot for three candidates in the April 6 primary election and six candidates will advance to the General Election on May 4. 10/11 NOW sent a questionnaire to all candidates and we did not edit responses. View other candidate profiles here.

  • Name: Maggie Mae Squires
  • Occupation: Owner at Yin Yang Yoga, Area Manager of Off-street Parking for City of Lincoln

Why are you running for a seat on the city council?

I am running for City Council because I believe Lincoln has unrealized potential. We are diverse & unique city. I want to create positive change for Lincolnites by having productive conversations about how we can grow our City.

What are your key issues in this election and why are they important to address?

My key policy issues are cannabis legalization & incentivizing solar. Lincoln politicians do not address the issues that would save taxpayers money. Introducing new industries - cannabis & solar - will create entrepreneurial opportunities for small businesses & fund City roads, infrastructures, schools & low-cost housing.

Higher property tax valuations continue to lead to higher property tax payments in the city of Lincoln. Does this concern you? Why or why not?

Higher property valuations are concerning - it means taking more money out of taxpayer’s pockets. Wages have stagnated, while the costs of living have increased. Lowering taxes means introducing new industry & gambling will not be enough to get the job done. Cannabis alone would bring in billions of dollars tax dollars.

Do you support a recent effort by the Lincoln City Council to keep an emergency declaration in place for Lincoln during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I support scientific research. I believe that following guidelines & best practices put forth by leaders in the science community are necessary to efficiently & quickly handle an every 50-year global pandemic.

Would you do anything differently in terms of the city’s response to the pandemic?

I am a small business owner who had to close my doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am keenly aware & empathic of the effects - negative for some businesses, positive for others.

Did you support a recent effort to recall Lincoln Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and four city council members?

Recall elections play an important role in Nebraska’s system of government. I support citizens right to stand up for what they believe & to engage in their democracy. This is why local elections are so important - VOTE!

Does Lincoln have an affordable housing shortage? If so, what do you think should be done to fix it.

Affordable housing is essential to Lincoln’s growth. As councilwoman, I would create policy that includes solar on all new & rehabilitated development, including grey-water reuse & rainwater capture. This lowers cost & creates sustainability. The most recent budget in Lincoln came with $12 million gap filled by fee increases in 15 different areas, as well as department budget cuts. Do you support the effort made by the council? Would you have proposed other changes?

I am a fiscal conservative & reducing spending during global emergencies is necessary. To create a budget surplus Lincoln must introduce new industry. Denver, Seattle & Portland are examples of cities who have legalized cannabis, the states followed suit, creating billions of dollars in tax revenue.

If elected as council, how will you apply your experience to address future budget negotiations?

As councilwoman, I will encourage conversations about how we can grow Lincoln, not just today, but years into the future. I’m a working class Nebraskan & Lincolnites deserve to be represented by their peers.

Is there anything else you’d like to include?

Vote on April 6 & May 4. Encourage a neighbor to vote, help someone vote. Participating in our democracy will create a beautiful & vibrant Lincoln.

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