LPD taking precautions following mass shooter incidents in Boulder & Atlanta

Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 9:54 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - In light of the tragic shootings in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, the Lincoln Police Department is taking precautions to protect the community.

Officer Luke Bonkiewicz said when mass shooter incidents happen, LPD follows a set of protocols that include more visible patrols in crowded places like shopping centers, schools, grocery stores and more.

“When this happens we’re already initiating those protocols,” LPD Officer Luke Bonkiewicz said. “We’re making sure we are very visable... reaching out to our community leaders to reassure the public that we are well trained for these types of situations and that they are safe.”

LPD said they add patrols to areas as a way to visibly reassure the public that they’re there in case of an emergency, as well as deter any violence.

Officer Bonkiewicz said officers also more closely monitor criminal intelligence for people who’ve made threats online, as well as people who have made work place threats.

“We are monitoring crime intelligence, social media and people calling in,” Bonkiewicz said. “We take any potential threat very seriously, and we investigate those threats to make sure they don’t turn into an active shooter situation.”

LPD said officers also take part in training that focuses on reacting in active shooter situations and how to respond in those emergencies.

First responders with Lincoln Fire and Rescue also take part in active shooter situations and work closely with LPD in those types of emergencies.

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