Changes coming to Saltillo Road to increase driver safety

Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 9:24 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - 117 crashes have occurred along Saltillo Road over the last decade, and 41 percent of those ended in injury or death.

Lancaster County Engineer, Pam Dingman, said the Saltillo Road corridor has more crashes than any other corridor in Lancaster County.

Three years ago Lancaster County conducted a traffic study of the Saltillo Road corridor. In order to receive safety funds to make improvements, there needs to be an abnormal number of crashes reported. Dingman said it will be one of the county’s biggest projects to date.

“I’m going to say all the fatalities that occur in our corridors are tragic. They’re somebody’s sister, daughter, mother or father. What we’re really trying to do in Lancaster County is make sure that these roads are as safe as possible for the traveling public,” Dingman said.

Dingman said while the roads were sufficient 25 years ago, as Lancaster County grows, the roads need to grow with us.

The project will begin half a mile east of South 27th Street, and end just west of South 68th Street.

Some of the biggest changes include adding wider shoulders along the road to improve traffic, and two roundabouts, one at 40th Street, the other at 54th Street. This is all in an effort to lower the number of crashes and increase public safety.

“We have the opportunity to make this corridor safer for the public and so we’re not only looking at intersections, but we’re also looking at putting some shoulders on the roads for the entire length of the project. We’re just really excited to have the opportunity to upgrade this road,” Dingman said.

Dingman said that the Saltillo Road project won’t begin until the South Beltway is completed. It will cost nearly $9 million, being paid for by federal and county funds.

The project is estimated to break ground by 2025. Until then a number of things still need to happen including final plans, bidding and approving right-of-ways. You can see project plans here.

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