A look at the Baker’s Candies factory

Published: Apr. 16, 2021 at 12:03 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - It’s a candy factory located in Greenwood, and the owners say it is definitely a Nebraska story.

We caught up with co-owner Todd Baker to talk about the business. “It started with my dad,” Baker said. “He was born in Lousiville, Nebraska. He was an inventor. He invented mass production systems for the U.S. government, and he mass produced missile systems.”

Baker says when his dad’s career with the government was over, his dad wanted to do something else. “He started inventing candy equipment,” Baker said. “He go so excited about the inventions, and the process by which candy is made, that he didn’t want to sell his inventions. He decided to start a chocolate factory. So with that, he set to work building machinery and equipment that would change the way candy is mass-produced. The result of that innovation, Baker’s Candies was born.”

“We tailor-made all of our recipes to the equipment that we make it on,” Baker said. “This means we can save money on the manufacturing side, while buying better ingredients. We are a bunch of engineers running a chocolate factory. We never claim to be great businessmen, but we try to be good at making chocolate, and Nebraskans seem to be taking care of the rest for us.”

The Baker’s Candies factor is located in Greenwood, and so is the new factory outlet. There, you can get candy straight from the factory, but you can also get factory-direct candies from other businesses around the country as well.

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