Time to plant spring flowers, but what to do with lurking cold snaps

Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 7:49 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Temperatures will start getting consistently warmer and the sun will return, so now is time most are thinking about starting their garden.

10/11 NOW spoke with Earl May Store Manager, Jessica Jasnoch, who explained it may be too late when it comes to planting seeds. However, she said it isn’t too late to buy starter vegetables and begin potting annuals.

Jasnoch said flowers are more accustomed to the colder temperatures with less sun and vegetables prefer as much sun as possible, “This is the time of year that everybody loves to get out to the garden centers and see all the plants, especially after a long hard winter. It’s just an exciting time so we are seeing an increase of traffic.”

Some plants are more adept to the colder temperatures and looking at labels for which plants can handle the elements is important.

While Jasnoch said now is the time to get plants for the spring weather, there is a chance we see colder temperatures that could damage plants.

Jasnoch warns that we could, and will see some colder temperatures, but there is a way to protect your plants from being destroyed so early in the season. She said May 10 is officially the first frost-free day of the year and you should anticipate frost until then.

She said the best way to protect against frost and cold temperatures is either bringing plants inside or covering them.

“For most vegetable plants when it dips down below 35 degrees, that’s when you want to be cautious and careful. When we get close to that 32 degree mark cover them, use cloth material versus plastic. Sheets, towels and things like that work really well,” said Jasnoch.

She tells 10/11 NOW night temperatures is the biggest issue when it comes to outdoor planting in the beginning of spring.

Jasnoch said COVID-19 brought in a lot of first time planters and she encourages those who began the hobby to continue it this spring as well. You can find more information on buying plants and vegetables at the Earl May website.

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