Pro eater takes on massive ice cream sandwich challenge in Lincoln

Published: May. 5, 2021 at 9:17 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - With just 35 minutes on the clock, a professional YouTube eater set out to finish a sweet treat challenge.

He was in Lincoln on Wednesday night taking on the challenge created for him and his millions of followers.

Randy Santel is working to finish 1,250 food challenges, in all 50 states. His quest brought him to The Warm Cookie for a massive ice cream sandwich.

The sandwich in question is his 981st challenge, made with 20 cookies and pounds of ice cream in between.

“Always have variety on my channel,” Santel said. “You don’t wanna eat a burger or a big pizza every video. We try to maintain variety and that’s what we get to do here tonight in Lincoln.”

Santel will be the first to do the challenge, named after him. The Warm Cookie said his team reached out to them and that they jumped at the opportunity.

“We had actually seen a lot of his videos on Youtube,” said Sharice Kucera, the owner. “Thought it would be a really neat way to show what Lincoln has to offer.”

Santel said both his YouTube page and being a professional eater happened like many others in his career path, by accident.

“Back in 2010 my friends invited me to do a 28-inch pizza challenge with them in St. Louis and I said yes,” Santel said. “And we won and got a check for $500 and everything just spawned from there.”

Santel completed that challenge in under 25 minutes and anybody who does better than that will be rewarded. With a $50 gift card to the Warm Cookie and the meal will be free.

“Something we could duplicate in the future so other professional eaters or just customers if they’re brave enough can just walk in and say I wanna try to Randy Santel challenge,” Kucera said.

You can attempt the challenge once the bakery reopens its dining room post-pandemic.

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