Seward 5th graders advocate for more stop signs

Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 9:38 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Before this week, the intersection of North 1st St. and Jackson Ave. didn’t have a stop sign.

Seward 5th grader Kalli Brauneis said, “When they did it I was really surprised.”

But, now they have two; making it a 2-way stop.

“I’ve almost been hit going across the street to Kalli’s house,” 5th grader Lily Perkins said.

And all the credit goes to two 11-year-olds for writing a letter.

Seward Mayor Josh Eickmeier said, “ I was surprised but i think it’s great that is shows that we have people of all ages that care about seward.”

Lily and Kalli put in the letter they were concerned about not having stop signs at their street corner.

Perkins said, “ A few times we’ve just seen cars fly down our street and not even look or slow down.”

They also said how installing stop signs may help. Then, they gave the letter to their teacher, who happens to be the mayor’s brother.

“He had received the letter from one of his students and had passed it on to me,” Mayor Eickmeier said.

Since the two stop signs were installed on Friday, the girls have seen some changes.

Brauneis said, “I have been seeing a lot more cars slowing down ever since they were put there.”

Although both girls live right off the street corner, they say it’ll keep everyone in the neighborhood safe.

Mayor Eickmeier said, “I think it’s great that you have a young person especially who cares about their community enough specifcially their neighborhood that they identified a potential issue and brought it to our attention.”

“I want to say thanks to the mayor for putting those there and making it a safer intersection for everyone,” Brauneis said.

The stop signs are temporary, but depending on what the city engineer says, it could turn into a 4-way stop.

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