Flying high at the SAC Aerospace Museum

Updated: May. 20, 2021 at 10:28 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - During a recent stop just off Interstate 80 between Lincoln and Omaha, we visited a place where fans of history, aviation and the space race will find plenty to enjoy.

Jeff Cannon is the president and CEO of the SAC Aerospace Museum. “We are the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum,” Cannon said. “That’s because we have a fully-encompassed mission that not only focuses on SAC, Offutt Air Force Base and the Cold War, but aerospace as well.”

The museum has entered its third decade of being in existence. The museum has offered STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for 15 years, and Cannon says that’s all being taken to a new level. “There are a lot of new things happening,” Cannon said. “We have a lot of new aircraft coming in, it’s an exciting time at the museum, especially coming out of the pandemic.”

“When you come to the museum, what you see is history,” Cannon said. “You see American history, along with innovation in technology and engineering. We use our artifacts to teach about American history, and about American military heritage. We teach about what kept the space race going. When you come here, you will see more than 30 aircraft. This features some of the largest aircraft that were ever produced. We have a B-36 bomber, which was the biggest bomber ever built. There are only four of them in existence. The B-52 we have is the first one ever active in the U.S. Air Force. Between these two aircraft and the others, this is American history that comes alive when you come to the museum.”

One of the so-called “Looking Glass” airplanes is now being restored at the museum. “We have an EC-135 in the restoration hangar,” Cannon said. “Looking Glass was a 24/7 aircraft that was always in the air. It offered the ability to look forward, and see any actions globally around the world. It was all to protect the U.S. from any surprises that might happen in the world. This is the only one left, and only one being restored, and it’s being restored to a high standard.” This plane will likely be in Hanger A in a few months.

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