City of Lincoln to start resurfacing a major downtown street in June

Updated: May. 26, 2021 at 7:36 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - If you’re driving down 9th Street downtown regularly you may want to find an alternate route, or be prepared for delays. Starting in a few weeks, another major resurfacing project will start on one of Lincoln’s busiest downtown roads.

The project, made possible by the Lincoln on the Move tax increase, will span from A Street to I-180.

Work has already began, starting with repairing sidewalks on that stretch of road.

“We’re picking up broken sidewalk pieces in curbs and meeting current standards for the Americans with Disabilities Act,” Tom Shafer with Lincoln Transportation and Utilities said.

But soon, that work will expand past the curb, onto the street, starting with A Street moving toward I-180.

“We’re hoping by mid-June we’ll be able to mill up old surfacing, after that we’ll do base repairs in areas that need that and follow it up with a two-inch overlay of new asphalt,” Shafer said.

John Doane, the owner of Trade-A-Tape Comic Book Store at 9th and N Streets, said the project is needed.

“Tons of traffic goes through, I see it every day. So it’s very important for 9th Street to be a nice street,” Doane said.

Doane said the business is no stranger to construction and they know this project will make things a little tougher this coming summer.

“All of our parking along 9th Street will be taken up for an undetermined amount of time and our customers will have to search for parking places,” Doane said.

Shafer said they’ll keep one lane of traffic open in the area they’re working in but will have to close two - one to work in and the other as a safety buffer for workers.

“Drivers need to keep in mind worker safety,” Shafer said. “People here have families to go home to.”

The project will start in June, once Black Hills Energy wraps up a gas line project at 9th and O Streets, and end in August, before school starts. Shafer said he knows it will cause some congestion and slower traffic, but asks Lincoln residents to take alternate routes or be patient.

“Short term pain is a long term gain of a much nicer roadway - a much smoother traveled roadway,” Shafer said.

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