Lincoln High graduate creates dress representing culture out of duct tape

Published: Jun. 24, 2021 at 6:11 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A 2021 Lincoln High Graduate is going viral online for creating a dress honoring her culture completely out of Duck Brand duct tape, it’s part of a nation-wide scholarship competition.

Zaineb Aljumayaat said she stumbled upon the Duck Brand scholarship online just a few weeks before the submissions were due.

“I was looking for scholarships that were more art based because I’m not very good at writing essays,” Aljumayaat said. “I thought, well, I’m going to give this a chance.”

So over a week and a half, Aljumayaat bought 34 rolls of duct tape, in seven colors, and spent 152 hours sketching, taping and constructing the dress.

“I didn’t have a plan really,” she said. “I just went for it.”

While she could win $10,000 for her work, the dress has more meaning than just money.

“With a lot of my art, I struggle with connecting with it and I wanted to make this something that was a part of me,” Aljumayaat said.

Every piece is based on Middle Eastern Culture, starting with the centerpiece of the dress, a mosque.

“It’s based off the most beautiful Mosque in Abu Dhabi,” Aljumayaat said.

The stars are based on the Islamic star, the blue and yellow colors a nod to Middle Eastern architecture and the head piece is reminiscent of ancient Egypt.

“I had no idea how I would even make an image of a building using duct tape,” Aljumayaat said. “But I like how it turned out in the end.

The finalists will be named at the end of the June. If Aljumayaat is named a finalist, Lincoln can help her win by voting for her.

“I’m feeling good,” Aljumayaat said. “But so many people did so many beautiful dresses, it’s really incredible.”

If Aljumayaat wins the grand prize, she’ll use the $10,000 scholarship to pay for school at the Rhode Island School of Design.

See all of the submissions here.

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