Some grocery stores increase prices due to extra transportation costs

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Published: Jul. 5, 2021 at 10:19 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Nebraska grocers say several products including meats are at alarming prices. Some are higher than they’ve been in several years.

One of the big reasons is transportation costs.

Local grocery stores including Suji’s Indian Grocery are already seeing a 5 to 20 percent price increase on certain products.

The owner, Mahak Singh, said, “Produce is going up and down every week. The beans and rice, they [the wholesalers] are increasing from February until every time you order that.”

Singh said he also pays for the transportation of products, which has gone up an additional 15 to 20%. But, the owner refuses to raise his prices because he said he planned and bought some of his items in bulk this February.

“I got them on a reasonable price before they increased the prices,” Singh said. “I got all the year-round supplies then.”

While Suji’s may not be raising their prices, the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association said other Nebraska stores don’t have a choice.

Executive director Ansley Fellers said, “Grocery stores and the food industry run on really tight margins so it’s only so long that folks can absorb some of those increased prices before consumers start to feel it.”

Fellers said this is why some cuts of meat, including briskets and chicken wings are in very limited supply. The grocery association said the issue behind this is demand for these is very high.

“I think once the supply side catches up to the demand side, everything will even back out,” Fellers said.

Grocery officials said the prices for some products is alarming because it’s the highest it’s been in a long time.

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