Lincoln family’s vacation on hold after mother loses vaccine card

You need to know what vaccine you received and the day you got it. That information can be...
You need to know what vaccine you received and the day you got it. That information can be found on your vaccination card.(WALB)
Published: Jul. 12, 2021 at 8:56 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A Lincoln family’s vacation is now on hold for the time being after the mother, Cris Petersen, lost her COVID-19 vaccine card.

The family plans to take a trip to Hawaii in August but will either need a vaccine card or to take a 72-hour COVID test.

One of the issues, according to Petersen, is specific types of test costs hundreds of dollars. Data from Hawaii’s travel plans shows people in Nebraska can go through 4 different testing sites. Three of the facilities charge anywhere from $119-$200. The fourth facility does it for free, but all locations are in the Omaha area. Walgreens is also an approved testing site for free testing.

Petersen said, “It has been a frustrating almost two weeks.”

Petersen has been fully vaccinated since April, but now she doesn’t have the right proof for it.

“I got vaccinated because my son needed me to get vaccinated because he can’t so I needed to,” Petersen said. “I’ve searched, and believe me, I searched, searched my entire house. Never has my house been de-cluttered to the way it has been now and I could not find my card.”

Hawaii requires travelers to input information from their vaccine card into its system to prove they’ve been vaccinated.

Petersen reached out to the health department, Hy-Vee, where she got her vaccine and her primary care physician. They were only able to show she has been fully vaccinated since April but did not give her the actual replacement card.

“As it is becoming clearer to me, this card is gold and I really need it and I have just been running into all types of brick walls trying to get it replaced,” Petersen said.

When she tried providing this info to prove she’s been vaccinated, she says Hawaii requires the vaccine card and no other documentation. They only allow vaccine cards and a negative COVID test.

She says the one thing that is different from medical records showing she’s been vaccinated and the vaccine card is the vile number of which vaccine she got.

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