Red coats return to LNK Airport after being off for 17 months

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 9:36 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -The Lincoln Airport red coats have served travelers since the 1980′s, but haven’t been able to work for 17 months due to the pandemic. That’s all changing as they are being welcomed back this week.

Many of the red coats are part-time workers who are retired and provide customer service at the airport. A job many of them missed last year.

“We love people in Lincoln,” said Diane Bossi, Lincoln Airport red coat.

Customer service isn’t hard to find at the Lincoln Airport, just look for the people in the red blazers.

“A friend told me about the red coat position so I came and applied for it and I absolutely love it,” said Bossi.

Bossi has been a red coat at the Lincoln Airport for three years. She came all the way from California to Lincoln after retiring from her job.

“I always said I would go to where my grandchildren were when I retired,” said Bossi. “My daughter moved here about 14 years ago before they had children.”

The red coats have their own customer service table where they answer people’s questions about taxis, shuttles and rental cars. They even go as far as helping people in wheelchairs get to their vehicles.

‘They really are the face of the airport and I mean when you hear about that Nebraska Nice, I think that’s them,” said Rachel Barth, communications director at Lincoln Airport.

They haven’t been working at the airport since last February due to COVID-19. The main thing Bossi missed during that time was interacting with travelers from across the country.

“We want to help you in any way we possibly can,” said Bossi. “We love being here. We love our job and if there’s anything we can do, we want to help you.”

If you find yourself walking around the airport in need of help, or just need someone to talk to, a red coat will be there to assist.

The airport staff said the red coats are really the last remaining thing to come back to make people’s airport experience feel normal again. There are, however, still federal masking police.

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