City and local group help clean homeless camp near Haymarket Park

Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 7:15 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - City officials say the homeless camp near Haymarket Park was not up to health and safety standards. This comes after the city received several calls and complaints about the area.

From piles of trash, clothing to old tents, everything is being thrown out at the homeless camp.

“It’s ugly,” Just Staffing worker Bobby Jones said. “It just makes this part of Lincoln look trashy.”

Jones is helping with the clean-up efforts after seeing how bad the conditions are for some homeless camps.

He’s also encouraging the homeless to go to shelters.

“I stayed in the mission,” Jones said. “The mission isn’t a bad place. For me, they helped me get an apartment. I have never slept outside in my life.”

Jones lived at the People’s City Mission for 8 years on and off and would hear often about people going to the camps. He never made that an option for himself.

“This is unsanitary for people to stay out here,” Jones said. “I feel sorry for people who stay out here and choose to stay out here.”

City officials received several calls of health and safety issues near Haymarket Park. Both LFR and the health department confirmed it to be unsafe.

Just Staffing owner Kerstin Nuss said, “[It’s] kind of just beautify Lincoln again, get rid of all of the trash; try to find places for the homeless to go to as opposed to camping around the city.”

The city is working directly with Matt Talbot to provide the homeless here with living arrangements. Jones is pushing for the homeless to take advantage of this as the mission is about a mile away from this camp.

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