Corn Coast Brewing set to open in Lincoln

Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 10:36 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - For a group of UNL graduates and military veterans, a brewery they joked about opening long before they could drink has now taken shape and is set to open to the public Thursday.

Will Walter and Dan Walkemeyer were sent to two different coasts to serve in the military.

On trips home, they referred to the midwest as an honorary coast, the corn coast.

The nickname now serves as the name of their brewery in southwest Lincoln.

“Will was living on the west coast at the time, I was living down in Pensacola, Florida,” Walkemeyer said. “We’re trying to be light, fruity, and then with a couple of traditional beers.”

Walter and Walkmeyer have known each other for over 10 years, the dream of the brewery was something they started kicking around back in 2010 but started to take shape in the past few.

“This year it’s been a real grind up until now just to kind of get everything finished,” Walter said. “The painting, the floors, getting the equipment in, setting it all up.”

Right now, they have about six different beers on tap in their space near 14th and Yankee Hill. They both say that having a military history, with Walter in the Marines and Walkemeyer in the Navy, brings certain attention to detail to the table.

“Being able to adapt and change our plan and then just be very critical on the minor details that really help in the long run,” Walkemeyer said.

Friends and family have been in and out to taste batches and set up shop. Wednesday night they were there for an event to see the space in its full glory.

“Kinda reached the start slash finish line,” Walter said. “We’re kind of at the finish line of the build-out process but at the start line of the business having people in our taproom that finally aren’t here to do the work. Just to kind of enjoy themselves on that time off.”

The brewery will be having soft opens for the next few weekends from Thursdays to Saturdays. They plan on holding a grand opening on July 31st.

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