A rodeo museum with a bar

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 12:11 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - If you are heading to the Burwell Rodeo, then make plans to visit the Northside Bar and Cafe, where you can find a wide array of rodeo memorabilia.

We talked with Scott Krause who owns the Northside. “I have old stuff, collectible stuff, new stuff,” Krause said. “Every picture on the wall relates to someone from Burwell, or someone who performed at the Burwell Rodeo. There are world champions on the wall, and they have been in here. I had a phone call from someone in Mississippi who won the bull riding in 1978. He wanted to send me his pictures from that event, so that I could put them on the wall. Then he wanted a picture of his photos on the wall.” To be on the wall of fame in the Northside Bar and Cafe is a badge of honor for rodeo participants.

“People come in, and some member of the family will lead them down to a part of the wall where their picture is displayed,” Krause said. “I remember bull riding through the years at the rodeo, along with the Sioux Indians. They were the most novel thing. I have many pictures of them. They started coming here in the 1920′s, and some of those people would have been veterans of Little Big Horn, and knew Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull.”

Krause says in the early days, a train came out from Lincoln with passengers who would come to the rodeo. Passengers would also be picked up in Aurora. That special train would come to Burwell and go back the same day. “In that time, they were having as many as 23,000 people per day in attendance. There was no ESPN or pro football to compete with.” Krause says he’s been at the Northside Bar and Cafe for more than 25 years. He serves home style foods. “I’m old school,” Krause said. “We grew up on the farm, eating out of the garden, and we had chickens, cattle and hogs. We serve mashed potatoes, all the veggies.”

The bar and cafe has been featured in many publications, including National Geographic. Be sure to take some time for lunch, dinner and good conversation at the Northside Bar and Cafe the next time you head to Burwell.

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