U.S. Energy Secretary talks infrastructure and how Biden’s plan would impact Nebraskans

The U.S. Energy Secretary told 10/11 NOW one reason Nebraskans should care about the...
The U.S. Energy Secretary told 10/11 NOW one reason Nebraskans should care about the infrastructure bill is the funds it would provide to help repair bridges.(KOLN)
Published: Jul. 23, 2021 at 6:23 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A trillion-dollar infrastructure plan is in front of lawmakers in D.C. right now. The plan sets aside money for everything from hard infrastructures like roads and bridges to issues like childcare, maternity leave and college education.

Friday, the U.S. Energy Secretary sat down with 10/11 NOW to talk about why the plan should matter to Nebraskans.

Jennifer Granholm said while the plan tackles several issues, a few are particularly important to Nebraskans.

First, internet connectivity. She said not all Nebraskans have broadband internet access, which in this day and age isn’t acceptable.

She also said it would allocate funds to help fix the state’s 1,300 bridges currently in disrepair.

“Who can disagree with the need to invest to make sure folks driving cars aren’t having to pay through the roof repairs after having driven on bumpy roads and bridges,” Granholm said.

Another part of this plan that she said impacts Nebraskans is the child tax credit. She said the plan would extend it past September.

She also said the plan has bipartisan support though it’s far from a done deal. Many Democrats have said the plan doesn’t go far enough while some Republicans have said it’s too expensive.

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