Lincoln opens first bicycle boulevard

Published: Sep. 24, 2021 at 3:56 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Over the past few years, Lincoln continues to solidify itself as a bike-friendly city. Getting national recognition and attention for its efforts.

Now it’s unveiling its very first bicycle boulevard downtown, a street designed to help prioritize those who use bikes as their mode of transportation.

Much of the street markings and signage are already in place, to help people who live in the area learn about it.

“Provide an enhanced experience for those on a bike,” said Roberto Partida, a traffic engineering transportation planner. “Also provides a quieter and safer neighborhood street for those walking, biking, and driving.”

It starts at 6th and F Streets. The $4,000 project helps connect the Salt Creek Neighborhood to the Jamaica North and Salt Creek Levee Trails, Cooper Park and Downtown Lincoln.

“It’s already a quiet road, there’s on-street parking which actually works as a traffic calming mechanism, and the big one there’s trail connections,” Partida said.

The idea is modeled after places like Oregon and California who have had similar structures in place for years.

The city has created models to show bikers and drivers how it will work, with cars and bikes sharing the road equally.

“There’s definitely gonna have to be some education and outreach that we at the city will have to do,” Partida said.

The city said if the boulevard is successful it will consider adding more in the future.

“Just one piece of within the bigger picture within the Lincoln Bike Plan,” Partida said. “Which really calls for having not only the robust expansive trail network but add on to that with an on-street bike facility network.”

The city is hosting Streets Alive! at 6th and F Streets on Sunday so people can start testing out that boulevard.

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