Our Town Lexington: Medical Care

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Published: Oct. 8, 2021 at 10:02 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - There’s a growing trend for younger people to return to their hometowns to put down roots. We met a medical doctor who has come home to serve the community at the Lexington Regional Health Center.

During a visit to the hospital, we talked with Dr. Sandra Bresnahan. “I was born in Mexico,” Bresnahan said. “I lived in California for a bit, but we then moved to Lexington at the start of my 7th grade. I’ve been here since then. I graduated from high school here, and then went to get my undergraduate degree at UNK. I actually taught at the high school for two years. I taught high school math there. But, then I decided to go to medical school. I went to medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. The plan was for me to come back home. I’m really happy to be back.”

Some people in the community may remember her by her maiden name of Torres. “Most people remember me as Miss Torres when I taught at the high school,” Bresnahan said. “I also worked at a convenience store across from the high school for a lot of the time I was in high school and college. So, I think a lot of people know me from there. I’m a family medicine doctor, so I do a little bit of everything. I can treat your colds, I do preventative care, I can work with acute illness, I see pregnant moms, adults, teenagers, and older adults.”

Dr. Bresnahan just so happens to speak both English and Spanish very well. Being bilingual offers a big advantage for her practice in Lexington. “Interpreters are limited,” Bresnahan said. “There’s that benefit. But I also think there’s something about where you communicate directly with a patient, you tend to grasp the whole concept of what’s happening, instead of parts of it. I think that’s a big reason why I came back to Lexington. I figured (bridging the communication gap) was a need that I could help meet.”

Dr. Bresnahan is also an example of younger people moving back to their hometowns and finding a rewarding life. “For me personally, when I lived in Omaha, it was too big for me,” Bresnahan said. “I like the sense of community that we get in smaller towns. It’s a sense of family that you don’t find elsewhere. I really think that younger people moving back to towns the size of Lexington is something we are seeing more.”

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