Shipping delays continue, USPS recommends planning ahead during holiday season

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 8:54 AM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Across the United States, shipping has become an ongoing issue and most Americans have experienced late arrivals on packages during the pandemic. If you plan on mailing any gifts this holiday season, it might be time to start working on the shopping list soon because that deadline to get gifts out the door is coming up soon.

According to Business Insider, the United States’ largest port in Los Angeles had nearly half a million 20-foot shipping containers waiting to be unloaded. This has created serious supply chain issues and it’s one of the reasons so many packages have been arriving late.

The United States Postal Service is already offering a Click-N-Ship option, and recommending getting priority mail shipping and boxing earlier this year.

“When you do it’s going to give you several options and one of those is to order priority mail boxes and packaging and have it sent right to your home,” Mark Inglett with the United States Postal Service said. “Go ahead and do that now; get it out of the way, that way you’re that much better prepared when the holidays do get here.”

Last year alone the United States Postal Service delivered 1.1 billion packages during the holiday season, and are expecting more of the same this year.

Since the pandemic began, disruptions in the global supply chain have created many issues when it comes to shipping and receiving packages, so stores like Target and Best Buy have already announced they’ll be offering holiday shopping deals earlier. Even though it’s only October, these issues make it important to mark important dates and prepare for delays.

“December 17, that’s the last day you want to mail your greeting cards, your first class letters,” Inglett said. “The following day, December 18 - that’s the deadline for mailing priority mail packaging when you’re sending your gifts to your loved ones, but let’s not wait, let’s get a head start.”

These shipping issues are expected to continue during the holiday season, so the United States Postal Service says the earlier you can get packages delivered for the holidays, the better.

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