A die-hard Husker fan’s obituary turns into betting for charity

Husker fans came together this week to make a sure a die hard Husker fan got his dying wish, a Nebraska win against Iowa.
Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 8:26 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -What started as an obituary to honor a Husker loving father, turned into betting for charity.

Husker fans came together this week to make a sure a die-hard Husker fan got his dying wish, a Nebraska win against Iowa.

When Todd Munson wrote his father’s obituary, he wanted to make sure it reflected both the good times and bad.

Todd said he tweeted the obituary, that went viral, because it is a good and honest story to tell.

He said he never expected it to blow up the way it did.

On Wednesday, friends and family celebrated the life of Milton Munson, whose dying wish took the internet by storm.

The last line of the obit reads, “In lieu of flowers, please place an irresponsibly large wager on Nebraska beating Iowa.”

“The most die hard way you can go out is to die but have your last wish be the Huskers beating Iowa,” Todd said.

When radio hosts Jack Mitchell and Josh Peterson saw Todd’s Tweet, they took the dying wish to heart.

“It also talked about how depressing the season has been and that he passed away during the bye week,” Peterson said. “So it’s like okay, whoever posted this has a good sense of humor and I figured why not send it out.”

Peterson linked his Venmo to have funds sent to place a wager to his own Tweet about the obit.

By the time Peterson posted it and got home, he had already received a couple hundred dollars.

He said he had over a thousand by dinner time, and it was then that Peterson and Mitchell knew they needed to do something, but be responsible with the funds.

“We thought people wanted to do this but we didn’t want people to do it irresponsibly,” Mitchell said. “And so we thought, if you want to put ten bucks in you’re gonna be a part of this group thing, this group effort making the donation.”

Todd reached out to the two after he heard about what they were doing. He gave Peterson and Mitchell his blessing, but requested the donations be given to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Nebraska, while still placing a healthy bet on Nebraska.

“It blew me away to be on the receiving end of what Husker nation can do when they rally behind a cause and that was pretty wild to see it,” Todd said. “Just ‘A’, that they started it and ‘B’, that it snowballed the way it did.”

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