Syracuse Fire Chief returns home after suffering from traumatic brain injury

Friends and family celebrated Syracuse Fire Chief’s return home after suffering from a traumatic brain injury.
Published: Dec. 4, 2021 at 4:41 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -Friends and family celebrated the Syracuse Fire Chief’s return home after suffering from a traumatic brain injury. After months of recovery, community members celebrated the chief coming home just in time for the holidays.

In July, Eric Fass was helping his daughter show livestock at the Otoe County Fair. He was walking livestock when a cow was spooked and ran off. Fass tried to stop the cow to keep it from hurting anyone else, when he fell and hit his head.

“All he did was hit his head on a rock and he ended up having a traumatic brain injury from that,” said Christa Reisdorff, a family friend.

After four long months of rehabilitation at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Fass was finally able to return home to his Syracuse farm on Friday. Throughout his recovery the Syracuse community rallied behind his wife Amanda, and his family.

“From the beginning I just felt like I had to do something,” said Reisdorff. “So we had the tractor, poker-run benefit in September and then Amanda’s been keeping close contact with me and said that he was coming home yesterday and so in a couple of days we just threw it together and we knew that when we said something people would come and here we are.”

On Saturday friends and family lined South 26th Road to give Fass a welcome-home parade. Reisdorff said the community supported Fass because he would do the same thing for any one of them.

“Eric is the reason for all of this and sometimes I’m just the one that helps,” said Reisdorff. “Amanda get the word out but it doesn’t take much for our community to come together.”

Reisdorff said Fass still has rehabilitation to do, but is happy his family gets to have him home where they can all be together at once.

“It’s gonna be different for them than any other year, but being able to be in the same place because you know when they were at the hospital or Madonna they couldn’t all (be there).”

The support will not end for the Fass family on Saturday. Reisdorff said the community has planned to send meals to the family and help them with the family farm.

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