Remembering Creighton’s Roots

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Published: Jan. 6, 2022 at 10:33 AM CST|Updated: Jan. 6, 2022 at 11:24 AM CST
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CREIGHTON, Neb. (KOLN) - Preserving history is an important focus in one Nebraska community that’s quite proud of its past.

Virginia Buerman and Connie Mock are among a group of people who work to keep the Creighton Historical Center alive and vibrant. There are many sections at the museum for people to see. “We have an extensive veterans section,” Mock said. “There’s also a doctor’s section, a clothing section, plus we have a large buggy in the front window that draws attention. In addition to that, we have an entertainment section, a kitchen and laundry section, a bank section, a doll section, a bedroom section, a school section, a dish collection, and a section dedicated to churches.”

“We have all of the military branches represented in our military section,” Buerman said. “The uniforms of each branch are displayed, and I always say, if these uniforms could talk, what stories they could tell. We have one display that features a pillow given to a local mother by a boy that was drafted out of high school during World War II. He turned 18 while he was in high school. He ended up getting killed in the Philippines. We also have a Purple Heart displayed from a local family. In addition, we have a jacket that has 51 bombs displayed on the back. The man who had the jacket was a bombardier, and he survived 51 missions.”

The Creighton Historical Center is housed inside a unique building. “This was the old bar, and then we bought it in 2005,” Mock said. “We made a museum out of it. And then, three years ago, we bought Jim Farnik’s shoe store and we added on with that. We just keep growing all of the time, and I just keep getting things in here all the time. I’m happy to get them, and glad that Creighton can preserve them.”

There is a unique fundraiser also happening at the museum. A local photographer who retired donated all of his pictures and negatives. These pictures and negatives feature people from the community. People can come in, and if they find some pictures they want they can take them. The museum is hoping people will donate some money to the museum in exchange for the photos. Be sure to call the Creighton Historical Center for more information, or just stop by.

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